A Paradigm Shift Decades in the Making - Are You Ready?

Go on a life-changing mission with Ben as he fights his way back from severe brain fog, fatigue & depression using strategies employed by the military, the Pentagon, & top peak performers that haven't been shared before;

  • You'll discover a paradigm shift decades in the making that finally puts to rest the question, why does self-help works for some, but not for others?
  • Why people have a hard time changing & default back to self-sabotaging behaviors
  • The REAL issues holding people back from becoming successful, that isn't being discussed ANYWHERE!
  • Why you really make excuses & how you can short-circuit this to unleash your true potential
  • How to upgrade your focus, energy & motivation using advanced, scientifically proven biohacks
  • How to reboot your brain, reimagine your life & reawaken your soul's purpose to become Unstoppable
  • How you compare to the more than 50,000 people we surveyed internationally & how to apply this information to your own life
  • The biochemical reasons we FAIL & how to diagnose these in your own life so you don't beat yourself up in the process
  • The problem with outdated models for treating low energy, depression, anxiety & stress & the 4 BRAND NEW models being used for success by psychologists, doctors, nutritionists & biohackers

Unlocking the Keys to Your Kingdom (Interactive)

Next, together, we'll explore a new & profound way to track & manage your progress using a combination of neuroscience, psychology & biology in this interactive chapter to pinpoint what's TRULY holding you back;

  • You'll discover which one of the 4 unique Success Identity Types you are & how it impacts every facet of your life, from your energy & focus to your mood, behavior & more
  • Through the interactive FREE online quiz, you'll discover your biological & psychological strengths & weaknesses, that will change the way you look at peak performance foreve
  • The best way to uncover your self-sabotaging efforts & how to combat the tension that new goals place on your need to change.
  • Understand the biological & psychological symptoms of the 'Snapback Effect' & how to cut them off at the knee so you are free to succeed.
  • How to combat the no. 1 productivity killer, 'Decision Fatigue', so you can begin feeling more energized, focused & driven... sooner.
  • The single best Formula for Success & how this one model explains why so many get left behind while others skip to the head of the pack - this is your secret weapon!
  • Your 2 energy sources of life explained - how psychological/spiritual and biochemical energies play an equal & comprehensive role in how you feel & the type of game you play in life.
  • Why you can't outthink bad biochemistry by medicating with self-help and the explanation of why you may get "better"... but not necessarily "well"!

Under the Radar - Hack Your Emotions, Take Control of Your Energy

You'll walk away after reading this chapter thinking, "this should be taught in schools!"

  • Discover how your emotions, thoughts & behaviors are getting hijacked by everyday influences that no one is talking about and what you can do about it
  • The 7 secret triggers that are blunting your brain, zapping your energy, mimicking psychological disorders, clouding your thinking & creating self-sabotaging behavior without us even realizing, including;
    • Medication
    • Food sensitivities
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Digestion
    • Hormones
    • Allergies
    • Toxins
  • How to use this Under The Radar model of unintended consequences to identify psychological & biological influences that knee-cap your performance
  • The top 7 medications that can cause everything from anxiety & depression to mood swings, aggression & even suicidal thoughts - you most likely have at least one of these in your medicine cabinet right now!
  • The conflicting reputation of caffeine - let's breakdown the science of whether it's helping or hindering you, you'll be surprised!

Fueling for Success - Upgrade Your Energy, Upgrade Your Life

Discover the connection between the need for willpower and your physical (and mental) energy levels as we look at how your body produces and consumes its energy. You'll learn;

  • Why applying willpower is a LOSING strategy & what to do instead
  • What happened when I drank pure ketone ester (a breakthrough product that's the result of 15 years of research & $60 million in funding)
  • History of the ketogenic diet and its effectiveness as a treatment for depression. Warning: don't do it if you have these health issues...
  • You & Your Mitochondria: A 10-step 'Fuel Yourself For Success' plan
  • The gut/brain connection broken down into easy-to-understand language
  • Breaking research into the gut microbiome and the key to better health, more energy, & better mood
  • Find out if your diet could be killing your healthy microbiome & triggering inflammation
  • How I linked my depression to my gut health by taking this easy to use test
  • Why a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn't work & the 13 factors to focus on when it comes to food & nutrition instead
  • Why you should consider this popular eating protocol to improve your energy, mood & focus

The Transformational Biohacker - Sharpening Your Mind with Nutritional Supplements

We look at ways to boost your energy, reboot your brain & dial in your focus to support you on your journey of transformation into 'The Catalyst'.

  • How nutritional deficiencies will amplify many negative emotions, making you your own worst enemy
  • Discover my pick for the top six supplements that will help you reboot your body & brain as well as;
    • Improving your mood, concentration & memory
    • Boosting your energy, memory & brain health
    • Reduce cravings & stabilizing your energy
    • Maximizing your mental health & sleep
    • Balancing hormones, increasing immunity, & aiding in nutrient absorption

Enter the World of Nootropics - Improve Focus, Concentration, & Drive

I'll take you through how these brain boosting "smart drugs" can help you to feel more alert, concentrate with more ease & supercharge your energy. You'll discover;

  • The 4 things you MUST know before using any nootropic to sharpen your focus, concentration & drive
  • The difference between natural & pharmaceutically derived nootropics & why I prefer those that are naturally found in foods you already eat
  • How to find the right dose for emotional, cognitive & energetic regulation
  • My top 7 picks, that are readily available & affordable, to help optimize your health as well as;
    • Reduce anxiety, promote relaxation without sedation & enhance attention
    • Decrease stress, promote healthy mood & boost cognition
    • Increase focus & attention while reducing physical & mental fatigue
    • Support circulation and protect against cell damage
  • Get a complete breakdown of which nootropics you should & shouldn't be trying based on your unique Success Identity Type ( you discovered this in chapter 2)
  • Learn how to avoid buying into the hype so you can find what speifically works for you
  • My pick of the top 3 nootropic stacks for easy consumption and additional firepower & focus, including all the pros & cons for each
This is a pseudoscience free-zone, backed up with clinical & academic research

The Switch - Brain Training/Sleep Tracking Wearables

Understand how your body & brain react to real vs perceived dangers & how your behaviors, patterns & habits are formed while exploring the latest scientifically proven wearable technology designed to reduce stress & train your brain for success. We'll dive into;

  • The REAL secrets to success as you learn how to reprogram your brain
  • Habits & Highways: How we form new behaviors & break old patterns
  • The 4 signs of being stuck in 'fight or flight mode' so you can cut short the impact
  • Discover the truth behind sleep & fitness trackers and find out just how accurate they really are
  • How to distinguish between the facts & the pseudoscience of their marketing campaigns
  • Know exactly what to look for with my Sleep& Fitness Tracker Buyers Guide so you don't get ripped off!
  • Be introduced to the latest in braintraining wearables that will upgrade your cognitive function while;
    • Providing a drug-free solution
    • Creating new neural highways
    • Reducing stress within minutes
    • Taming your fight/flight response
    • Providing a mental/emotional recharge
  • Make choosing the right device for you even easier with my buyers guide to the latest wearable brain training devices, all of which are less than what you paid for your smartphone

The Cusp of Brilliance - Advanced Strategies for Priming Your Brain

Your unique biochemistry can be the key to achieving your soul's purpose & in this chapter we explore ways to align these two as we look at improving your sleep, reducing stress & helping you find calm in the chaos. We explore;

  • How to biohack your sleep so you wake up feeling rested & ready to go every morning;
  • Explore the 4 key stages of sleep & why you're most likely missing out on the MOST important one right now
  • My top 9 tips for increasing deep sleep to prime your brain for success
  • The no.1 sleep supplement to AVOID that could give you nightmares!
  • The basics of NLP & how you can manipulate your perception of things to make life easier & stress-less
  • How to neutralize negative past events using these 9 simple steps
  • Learn my Quickfire Visualization Technique that is used by athletes to prepare for competitions and how you can apply this advanced technique to prepare yourself to overcome any challenge as you go after your goals
  • Discover how you're likely to experience visualization/meditation based on our survey of over 50,000, with personalized tips on how to get started as you improve your energy, focus & mood

Uncovering Your Purpose - The 2 Different Types of Purpose & Why it Matters

Not all purposes are created equal, but understanding yours can lead to greater optimism and a higher likelihood of achieving your goals.

  • Discover the 2 different types of purpose & how one of them increases inflammatory genes, while the other decreases your nervous system's response to fight/flight making you more likely to be successful. This information alone could transform your life!
  • The 3 reasons why people without a purpose can't find it & what you can do immediately to help uncover it
  • Find out if your Success Identity Type is more or less likely to achieve your goals. An understanding that will help to show you precisely what you need to focus on right now!
  • Get your 4 step process for uncovering your new purpose, or amplifying an existing one, so it draws you to your goals like a magnet
  • How to use my 5-Step Progressive Overload technique to expand your comfort zone without the risk of giving up on your goals when things start getting tough

Your 13 Weeks to Unstoppable Personalized Plan

I share the outcomes of my own 90-day mission as we begin to look at how you can plan to overcome the stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue & more that has been holding you back from achieving your goals & living the life you were meant to.

  • This chapter includes a 13-week outline to plan your very own 90-day mission to biohack your way to an Unstoppable version of you!
  • Read other success stories from people who lost weight, regained their focus, boosted their energy & identified key triggers that had gone left unchecked for years.
  • Learn how to personalize your unique 13-week plan to optimize your chances of success
  • 5 Steps to ensure you make the most out of this plan
  • I show you how to work within your personal budget requirements because there's no need to go out & spend money you might not have on supplements & wearables you don't specifically need.

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You'll have a daily checklist of the top 16-triggers that knee-cap your psychology, everyday biohacks to amplify your energy & focus, and a section to schedule out your day for what matters most to you. It pulls all of the lessons from Unstoppable & puts them into actionable steps you can do immediately. Order your copy today!